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Truncate Long Text


By default, CSS allows long text to increase the element's width or wrap to the following line. However, to truncate the text and add ellipses, the following properties are required:

  • Set a defined width for the element to prevent it from growing horizontally.
  • Use overflow: hidden to clip any text that exceeds the element's dimensions.
  • Apply white-space: nowrap to disable text wrapping and force the text to stay on a single line.
  • Finally, use text-overflow: ellipsis to append ellipses (...) at the end of the truncated text.

Here's a code example demonstrating the CSS text truncation technique:

<p class="truncate-text">This is a long text that will be truncated after a certain width, and an ellipsis will be added at the end.</p>
.truncate-text {
width: 200px; /* set a fixed width */
white-space: nowrap; /* prevent text from wrapping */
overflow: hidden; /* hide overflowing text */
text-overflow: ellipsis; /* add ellipsis (...) */

By combining these properties, we can effectively truncate long text spans with an ellipsis, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing layout within constrained spaces.


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